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12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Died

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There are some celebrities we see virtually everywhere when their careers are hot – they’re in tabloids and magazines, on shows like Showbiz Today and TMZ.  When someone famous passes away while they’re still in the limelight, we’re likely to hear about it quickly. Once their fame has faded however, they may pass away without us ever knowing. Here are 12 celebrities whose passings you may not have heard about, but are sad just the same…

1) Chris Penn

A talented actor, Penn was most recognized for his roles in Reservoir Dogs and Footloose. He had bit parts in Rumble Fish, All the Right Moves, Pale Rider and True Romance. Unfortunately, Penn’s career was overshadowed by his older brother’s (Sean Penn’s) success and many were unaware of his death from heart complications on January 24, 2006.