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12 Famous People Who Quit Hollywood

Photo by Miro Vrlik, via

For actors, acting in movies or on television is a job. It takes a lot of their personal time and it can be something that leads them in directions that they do not want to go. And many celebrities tire of life in the spotlight – being hounded by fans, paparazzi and other hangers-on. That is why some celebrities make the choice to withdraw from their acting career and Hollywood in favor of being a more normal person. Here are 12 famous people who quit the entertainment business in favor of other life goals.

1) Meg Ryan

The “Sleepless in Seattle” actress is one of the most loved in the world. Her blonde hair and perky personality are what we all looked forward in seeing in her movies. After her divorce from Dennis Quaid in 2001, however, she stepped out of the Hollywood scene and focused on taking care of her kids. She lives a quiet life in NYC with her boyfriend, John Mellencamp.