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15 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Think Are Grandparents

If you have kids, there is a pretty big chance that you will have grandkids sometime in the future. Celebrities live life just as most of us do – having children and then grandchildren. There are some celebrities, however, that we would never expect are grandparents. Here is a list of 15 celebrities who are grandparents. 1) Tony Danza Most of ...

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15 Celebrities That Live Modestly

Money can be spent, saved, and earned. Some celebrities choose to earn it and spend it modestly to ensure that they live the most humble life possible. They understand that money can come and it can certainly go, and they are trying to ensure that the money that they earned will keep them taken care of for years to come. ...

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15 Amazing Celebrity Homes

Celebrities have plenty of money, and this allows them to purchase those things that they want for themselves and their family. Homes are very high on this list and some went elaborate with their home choice, while others tend to prefer a more modest home. Styles vary, as well as prices, which is what makes life go around. Here are ...

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15 Celebrity Estates That Still Earn Millions

These celebrities and highly accomplished people made a huge impression on the world and many amassed huge fortunes while they were alive. However, years and even decades after their passing, their estates continue to benefit as a result of their great works. Here are 15 people whose estates earn millions every year. 1) John Lennon His shocking murder in 1980 left the ...

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15 Celebrity Marriages That Have Lasted

Marriage is hard enough without adding being a celebrity to it. That is probably why celebrity marriages do not seem to have a long shelf life. There are those, however, who seem to be as in love as they day they met. Here are 15 celebrity marriages that have lasted. 1) Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Yes, they are not technically ...

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15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Smokers

Smoking is a habit that many people have, which is why it stands to reason that there are people in every segment of society who smoke. Celebrities, Wall Street tycoons, doctors, moms, dads, and even grandparents smoke cigarettes. Some celebrities keep it more secret than others, however. Here are 15 celebrities you didn’t know are smokers. 1) Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez ...

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