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Top 50 Richest Actors in the U.S.

 Photo by Tinseltown, via

Photo by Tinseltown, via

12) Robert Downey, Jr.
Age – 51

Best Known For – Less Than Zero, Air America, Chaplin, Short Cuts, Natural Born Killers, Bowfinger, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Captain America

Awards – Golden Globe for Sherlock Holmes; Golden Globe for Ally McBeal; Golden Globe for Short Cuts; BAFTA Award for Chaplin

Net Worth – $250 million

Downey was born in New York City. His father was an actor and filmmaker. As a child, Robert was surrounded by drugs and later attended programs to become “drug free.” He also credits his wife for helping him overcome his abuse problems. He describes himself as a Jewish-Buddhist.

 Photo by Jaguar PS, via

Photo by Jaguar PS, via

11) Patrick Wilson
Age – 42

Best Known For – Angels In America (TV series), Fargo (TV series), A Gifted Man (TV series), The Phantom of the Opera, The Conjuring

Awards – OFTA for Angels in America

Net Worth – $275 million

Patrick Wilson was born in Norfolk, Virginia. His father was a news anchor in Tampa, Florida. His brother, Mark, is anchor for the same station. He and his brothers performed a benefit concert to raise money for the Southeastern Guide Dogs’ “Paws for Patriots” program in St. Petersburg, Florida.